12 February 2014

Gundam Seed Destiny: Rey Za Burrel 02

gundam seed destiny cosplay - rey za burrel by yoshino shiyui

Rey Za Burrel is a ZAFT soldier of the Minerva who pilots a classic ZAFT Zaku and later ZAFT’s newest model, the ZGMF-X666S Legend. He is loyal to Gilbert Durandal and blindly supports the Destiny Plan as he believes it will save mankind. It was later revealed that Rey is a clone of Al Da Flaga, created as a transaction in exchange for funds to finance Rau Le Creuset’s Ultimate Coordinator Project.

I liked this character in Gundam Seed Destiny. It made me feel bad for him that he went insane in the end. Nevertheless, another beautiful cosplay by Yoshino Shiyui! Thanks to Clarence for sending this in!

Source: 吉野珠衣 on Cosplayers Archive

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