19 September 2012

Fate/Stay Night: Saber 11

fate/stay night cosplay - saber from comiket 82

As one of the servants summoned during the Fourth Holy Grail War, Saber was unable to recognize Irisviel’s daughter, Ilya when she participated in the Fifth War. This is possibly due to the fact that Irisviel never told Saber her daughter’s name, and that Saber initially thought Ilya would have become more mature like her mother come the Fifth War. Saber reasons that Ilya is a new homunculus with similarities in her appearance due to the Einzbern homunculi looking alike after their creation. She eventually gets the chance to interact casually with Ilya and act nicely toward her.

Beautiful cosplayer from Japan Comiket 82! I think this is one of the special outfits from the Fate/Stay Night Movie, but I’m not completely sure. There are so many variation of Saber now that I can’t keep up! Thanks again to Miguel for sending this in!

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