14 September 2012

Touhou Project: Yakumo Yukari

touhou project cosplay - yakumo yukari from japan comiket 82

Known as the Youkai of Boundaries, Yakumo Yukari was first introduced in Touhou Project: Perfect Cherry Blossom as the sleepy mistress of Yakumo Ran. She lives a very youkai way of life and tends to sleep all day, living for the enjoyment of life. Although she rarely leaves her house, she is quite well-connected, acquainted with the most powerful of youkai as well as those who have anything to do with the Hakurei border or outside Gensokyo.

Another cute cosplayer from Japan Comiket 82! I have to say, every year there’s always a lot of cosplayers from Touhou in Comiket. Maybe I should check it out for myself. Thanks again to 2chmod for sending this in!

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