04 September 2012

Angel Beats!: Nakamura Yuri 05

angel beats! cosplay - nakamura yuri yuripe at oh no! manga cosplay camp 2012

When Nakamura Yuri was still alive, she was the eldest of four children in the Nakamura household. One night, her parents went out and left the children to Yuri’s care, and burglars came in looking for valuables and money. The burglars had no idea where the valuables were stored, and with Yurippe being the eldest, they interrogated her hoping to find anything they could get their hands on. They told her to bring them something or else they would kill one of her younger siblings every ten minutes.

Her story made me cringe a lot when I was watching the series, but I still wondered how she ended up dying herself. In any case, this is another photo I took from Oh No! Manga Cosplay Camp 2012, and my camera somehow captured a nice lens flare by Yurippe’s hair which gives this photo quite a nice effect! I only wish I had blurred the background since you can see Erza Scarlet on the top right corner posing for another photographer!

Well, I hope the cosplayer likes how this photo turned out anyway. If you have any idea who the cosplayer is, feel free to let me know!

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