05 November 2011

Xenosaga Episode III: Also sprach Zarathustra: Uzuki Shion

xenosaga episode iii: also sparch zarathustra cosplay - uzuki shion

Born on the planet Miltia, Shion is the daughter of Suou and Aoi, workers for the U-TIC Organization. She lived a happy life with her parents and her older brother Jin, who is 13 years older than she is. Unfortunately, she was left to her father’s care after her mother was diagnosed with a disease linked to U-DO. Shion regularly visited her mother in Labyrinthos’ hospital and saw the part of the Song of Nephilim in her mother’s room.

Cute cosplay by Nicole! Really love the details on her shield, and I think she’s also using her own hair for this cosplay. A definite plus in my book. Thanks again for allowing me to feature this!

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