20 November 2011

Bleach: Hinamori Momo 04

bleach cosplay - hinamori momo 4

When Hinamori Momo recovered from her disturbed mental state, she joined the rest of Soul Society in fighting against Aizen Sosuke. However, Aizen was able to seriously injure her once again by using his powers to fool Hitsugaya Toshiro into stabbing her in the chest. Thankfully, Hinamori survived and is currently undergoing organ regeneration under the supervision of the 12th Division.

That’s a really interesting setting for a Bleach cosplay. It makes me think that Hinamori-chan has found her peace of mind and is finally free from Aizen control. Thanks to Rachma for sending this and for letting me know the cosplayer is Indonesian!


  1. She is out of Aizen' s cluches.. For now at least.
    Still, nice cosplay.

  2. I've stopped following Bleach because it seems to be never-ending. xD But I heard Aizen was only imprisoned and not really killed..?