19 November 2011

Avatar: The Last Airbender: Cabbage Merchant

avatar: the last airbender cosplay - cabbage merchant

Known as “the cabbage merchant”, he is an unfortunate Earth Kingdom salesman specializing in… well, cabbages! He was a recurring character in the series and something of a running gag. His cabbages are usually destroyed or damaged by the other main characters, making him yell his infamous catchphrase, “My cabbages!”

I’m surprised this character has his own page in the Avatar Wiki! I guess he’s more famous than I thought! Thanks to Drops of Violet for plurking this!


  1. Ahaha omg, I can't believe someone actually cosplayed him! How awesome is this? :D ♥

  2. Emiko and Syaza: Isn't it just the cutest? *_*;;; This is one cosplay I never expected to be done by anyone... and really accurately too!

    Resha: I believe it is epic-ly awesome. And yes, I am inventing words just for this cosplay. :c