12 November 2011

Pandora Hearts: Gilbert Nightray 02

pandora hearts cosplay - gilbert nightray 2 by martinGilbert Nightray's protectiveness is said to be compounded by the fact that he was brainwashed by Miranda Barma to protect Jack Vessalius even if it means killing to fulfill his duty. When Gil is drunk, he becomes an insecure crybaby, reminiscent of his 14-year-old self. He has a constant fear that, as Oz grows, he will be left behind.

The character kind of reminds me of Soubi from Loveless. Nonetheless, fantastic cosplay by Martin! I’m loving all the details of this cosplay and the fact that he’s a guy cosplayer! We need more of them around, right?

Martin has also mentioned the this cosplay debuted on the 17th Sept 2011 at Animania Sydney 2011, Australia. Maybe some of our Australian readers have seen him before? Thanks for sharing this with us!

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