12 November 2011

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!: Chrome Dokuro 06

katekyo hitman reborn! cosplay - chrome dokuro 6 by ecocWhen Chrome Dokuro returned to the future, the other members of the Family worried about her because she wasn't eating. Her friendship with I-pin, however, soon changed this and she began joining them for dinner. She then started training to master her illusions with the virtual training challenge created by Mammon. She also honed her skills in combat with Bianchi and I-Pin.

Cute Chrome by 16-year-old Swedish cosplayer ECOC! It’s too bad she wasn’t able to have her photo shoot in the building she wanted, but I think this worked out well too! Thanks to Fany for sending this!


  1. Hmm..I have to remember to watch this series one of these days. Meanwhile, the cosplayer looks drop-dead-gorgeous ^^

  2. yeah, i should watch this series sometime ^^,

    i realy the contrast of the photo ! maybe this is even better then in a building

  3. Syaza: You and me both. @_@;;; But I hardly have enough time to sleep these days! I mean, I'm spamming my own blog with replies from all the comments I missed! :p

    愛子: Agreed~ All that green makes her purple hair stand out! :3