24 August 2011

Yu Yu Hakusho: Raizen

ANNOUNCEMENT: Only 7 days left before our first contest ends! Be sure to get your entries in! And now back to your regular scheduled cosplay feature~

yu yu hakusho cosplay - raizenOne of the three kings of the Makai who is considered to be the strongest of the three, Raizen is Urameshi Yusuke’s ancestor. 700 years before Yusuke was born, Raizen came into the human world looking for people to eat. However, he became injured in confrontations with human warriors. He found a place to hide and recover from his injuries, and was discovered by the owner of the house who eventually became his lover.

Awesome cosplay! Although I remember Raizen to be more muscular than this. Let’s just say he’s starving from the lack of human flesh, ok? First found on Yu Yu Hakusho FTW!


  1. Haha nice comment about him being in a starved state. Wasn't he also covered in scars? If I remember correctly that is.

  2. That's a really good likeness! I'm going to make a guess that the cosplayer could be female since the shoes look like platform boots covered with tan boot covers :)

  3. Godzilla: Hrm... I think so? It's been years since I've seen the series. Gotta get it in DVD!

    Syaza: Probably! But I've seen Japanese male cosplayers with platform shoes too! ;p