04 August 2011

Naruto: Might Guy and Rock Lee

naruto cosplay - might guy and rock leeMight Guy is the leader of Team Guy who dedicates most of his time to only one of his students, Rock Lee. Because of this, Lee has modeled himself in his master’s image, matching his green jumpsuit and haircut. Lee also adopted many of his mannerisms, including his “My Rules” philosophy.

I am completely speechless. When I compared this photo to the actual characters, I was just. Shocked. Thanks again to Jamie for sending this in!


  1. Oh my God. I laughed so hard at this. Amazing cosplay, guys!

    Side note: Being a black cosplayer sucks. But to our next convention, my friends and I are going as Fullmetal Alchemist characters (Ed, Al, Winry, Hawkeye, Rose) and I'm going as Rose. If it doesn't suck, I might send pictures!

  2. Hi Everisse, welcome to CH! :D

    I hear that a lot from people who want to cosplay but have dark skin tones. It makes me think I should draw darker skinned characters for my own manga!

    Anyway, we look forward to seeing your photos! I'm sure you will not suck. xD

  3. Thank you. :-3

    I keep looking at this photo. The expressions on their faces are perfect.