13 August 2011

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Ayanami Rei 10

neon genesis evangelion cosplay - ayanami rei 10 by vayaIn “The End of Evangelion”, the third Ayanami Rei acted as the main catalyst behind Third Impact, an event that was initiated after she fused with Lilith. A shining figure of Rei was shown looking down on Katsuragi Misato and Akagi Ritsuko moments before they died. These spectral images also appeared over the corpses of the slain Nerv personnel.

Our 10th Rei is cosplayed by Vaya who wrote to me saying that she is only starting out as a cosplayer. With photos like this though, I’m sure she’s going to be getting a lot of fans really fast! Thanks again for allowing me to post this!

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  1. if vaya is reading, Good job ! me like! especialy the eyes, love the eyes and also love to see more ^^