19 March 2009

Full Metal Alchemist: Lieutenant Colonel Maes Hughes 02

full metal alchemist cosplay - lieutenant colonel maes hughes by italian cosplayer yusukeLieutenant Colonel Maes Hughes is a loving family man who works in the military’s intelligence division. He is extremely valuable to Roy Mustang, as he is aiming to become a Führer and Hughes aids him by giving him information. He loves his daughter, Elicia, very much and often shows off his daughter’s picture to anyone and everyone he meets.

Italian cosplayer Yusuke is an avid reader of Cosplay Holic. He sent me some of his cosplay pictures and this is one of my favorites. He’s worn this cosplay on several occasions; Romics 2006 in Rome, Lucca Comics & Games 2006 in Lucca, and in Comicon 2007 in Naples. It’s not hard to see why this cosplay of his was so well-appreciated.

I cropped the image, but you can view the full version by clicking on the thumbnail. Thanks for your contribution, Yusuke!


  1. awesome cosplay! hughes is the best ^^

  2. Thank you!!!
    I remember that next month the new FMA series will start in Japan!!

  3. Sorry it took so long before I could feature this. So many requests are coming in, and I have a lot of things I need to do before I can update my blog. @_@;;;

    It would be interesting to see that new season. I have to catch up with the first season before that comes though. xD

  4. What? You haven't seen the first yet? OMG! :p
    Anyway in the new one the story starts again and it will follow the manga. :)

  5. Haha, working a lot gives me no time to watch a lot of anime these days. :3 But hopefully I can catch up. :D

  6. 'Omg! For real?!'
    *starts babbling without making much sense*

    Lol, pretty much what went on in my head when I first saw this -- one of the few rare cases where I feel like a fangirl XD

    Such a wonderful and accurate cosplay of one of my favourite male characters in the series.
    I'm glad someone did him justice <3

  7. This man needs to marry me right neooow! Haha. Hughes is awesome!

  8. Hm. I thought it was Elysia and not Elicia? I might be wrong, I'm not correcting.

  9. I don't know, haha! I only use the info available on wiki, and that was the spelling they provided! xD

  10. Yeah, you never can tell. Different sources give different info. And the official Funimation sub misspells Mason as Meisun.

    Hughes is actually a hard character to cosplay. His design is so simple that he's difficult to portray unless you resemble him, and this guy pulled it off.

    This makes me remember the scene at Hughes' funeral, when Mustang was crying, and he said, "It's raining." And Hawkeye should have hugged him, because I'm a fangirl and I need more Roy/Riza.


  11. Thank you everyone!! by Hughes in the photo ^^

  12. This is amazing, does anyone know where he bought this costume? I've been trying to find a decent looking one for a very long time. Please help.