19 August 2011

Inuyasha: Naraku

inuyasha cosplay - naraku by suicun osdhThe series’ main antagonist, Naraku is responsible for most of the characters’ misfortunes including Kikyo’s death. Naraku was born from the fusion of Onigumo, a crippled bandit tended by Kikyo, and a horde of weak demons. Driven by his lust for the priestess, Onigumo made a bargain with the demons: in exchange for eating his flesh, the demons would conbine into one entity to become part of his new body.

Suicun OSDH makes a handsome Naraku. I love the details on her kimono and the setting is perfect as well. Thanks to one of my readers (who didn’t leave their name) for emailing this!


  1. i'm sure you meant main antagonist

  2. ...NAHAHAHA!!! omg--

    I should not write these when I'm half-asleep! xD;;; Thank you for pointing that out!

  3. Huh, after looking at this I realized that I don't see a lot of Naraku cosplays...or maybe its because I don't seek those out like I do with the other characters...Mmm...meh(shrugs)

    Love the costume and the setting. The cosplayer looks great too :)

    Lastly, congrats on having your first contest up on the blog! I absolutely love the design of the maid outfit, but I can't see myself or anyone else I know who'd be wearing it. I wish all the contestants good luck. And here's to many more contests to come (raises champagne glass) :)

  4. I am guilty of this too. xD I usually just look for the main characters (usually the protagonists) for cosplays. It's usually the readers who send in other characters in the series. :3

    Thanks, and... hm, I wonder if we should have chosen another costume for the contest? :x Then again, Halloween Costumes doesn't have a selection for anime characters, so this is the closest one I can get from them. ;x;

    Ah well, maybe another time. :D