21 January 2011

Sailor Moon R: Moonlight Knight

sailor moon r cosplay - moonlight knight by raven

At the end of the first arc, everyone’s memories were hidden so that Tsukino Usagi’s wish to become a normal girl could be granted. Such was the case for Chiba Mamoru but he subconsciously still wanted to protect Usagi so strongly that his memories separated from him and reformed into the Moonlight Knight. Although Moonlight Knight can co-exist with Mamoru in the same space and time, Moonlight Knight rejoined Mamoru when he regained his memories and Moonlight Knight disappeared forever.

Impressive cosplay! I didn’t think there were still a lot of fans from this meta series, but seeing Raven cosplayed Moonlight Knight in Sakura Con 2010, I guess I was wrong. Thanks to Rachael Masako for sharing this!

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