13 January 2011

Kyo Kara Maoh!: Lord Wolfram von Bielefeld

kyo kara maoh! cosplay - lord wolfram von bielefeldA young man who finds himself engaged to Shibuya Yuri by mistake, Lord Wolfram von Bielefeld is said to possess a handsome appearance so influential that several dying people in the hospital miraculously recover after laying eyes on him. He is skillful in both fire magic and swordsmanship, but is extremely prideful and hot-headed. Among the three sons of the previous queen, Wolfram is the only one who has inherited her blond hair and green eyes, bearing a striking resemblance to her.

Beautiful cosplay! I remember watching an episode or two of this series and thought this character to be rather cute. Thanks to Chibi Chihuahua for suggesting this!

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