01 January 2011

Kingdom Hearts: Riku 02

kingdom hearts cosplay - riku 02 by kashino reiCool and collected, Riku and his best friends Sora and Kairi live on the Destiny Islands and spend their days constructing a raft and gathering supplies so that they might one day set out and search for other worlds. He is rivals with Sora, competing at almost anything they can think of. Despite the fact that their rivalry is of good intentions, Riku is known to irritate Sora by being a sore loser and being very pushy involving their fight over Kairi.

This photo gives me the sense of being “reborn” into the world, which is exactly what it feels like when celebrating and welcoming the new year. Excellent work as usual by Kashino Rei! Many thanks to Pena for suggesting this! Happy New Year everyone!


  1. Not too often you see a cosplayer in water

    Happy New Year!

  2. Awesome. Sexy too :).