20 January 2009

Ouran High School Host Club: Suoh Tamaki and Ootori Kyouya 02

ouran high school host club cosplay - suou tamaki and ootori kyouya 02 by dees of deviantartThe “Father” and “Mother” of the Ouran Host Club, Tamaki and Kyouya have been friends since middle school, despite their differences. All of the club’s elaborate endeavors are taken cared of by Kyouya and the club usually favors Kyouya’s leadership over Tamaki’s, even though Tamaki is the Founder and Club President while Kyouya serves as vice-president.

You might recognize this cosplayer, since I featured her cosplaying as Nomiya from Honey and Clover… That’s right, she’s Dees, and this is from her Deviant Art Gallery. Great work as usual! Keep it up!