29 January 2009

Blue Dragon: Dawn Dragonkin and Dusk Dragonkin

Have you ever heard of Jimmy Lin? His Chinese name is 林志穎, and he’s a Taiwanese singer, actor, and professional race car driver.

Now why would I be talking about him in this blog?

blue dragon cosplay by jimmy lin

You guessed it. Jimmy Lin has cosplayed for the anime and game title, "Blue Dragon". My only dilemma is, there’s little information about who he’s cosplaying as, and my Chinese is not good enough to read up a lot of what’s written about it on the Internet.

Oh yes, both characters are Jimmy. It’s been photo manipulated to feature both of his cosplays.

If anyone has more information, please do share, and I will quote you in my blog. Thanks!

EDIT: Thanks to Pu Niao for letting me know the characters are Dawn Dragonkin and Dusk Dragonkin respectively!


  1. I read up and it seems that he is the spokesperson for the Blue Dragon online game and he is cosplaying as two "sons of the dragon", two individuals with different personalities.

  2. The dragon's sons?

    Do they have names? :)

  3. Black hair is Dawn Dragonkin while the blond hair one is Dusk Dragonkin

  4. Thanks, Pu Niao! I'll add that to the entry! :3

  5. np, these 2 characters are NPC in a game called Ether Saga Online

  6. Ah, Ether Saga. The person who sent this to me said it was from "Blue Dragon". I wonder if that is the name of Ether Saga in Chinese?