17 January 2009

Sailor Moon: Sailor Mars

sailor moon cosplay - sailor mars / hino reiHino Rei is a miko or priestess in her grandfather's temple, the Hiwaka shrine. She is the second Sailor Senshi that Sailor Moon found at the beginning of the series when she and Luna were looking for the Moon Princess. She has the ability to control fire and uses various psychic abilities she had learned as part of being a priestess.

Despite her beauty and elegance, Rei has no interest in men. This is due to the fact that Rei had no respectable men in her life, aside from her grandfather. In a short manga story "Casablanca Memories" however, Rei is shown to have a love interest with her father's secretary, Kaidou. He is her father's messenger who would bring her gifts for her birthday which consists of a white dress and a bouquet of Casablanca, her favorite flower.

Beautiful cosplay! Not a lot of people can get Sailor Mars right, but this cosplayer was able to nail it! It makes me wonder if she is actually the actress from the Sailor Moon Live Action Series... Hm...


  1. hair is the wrong color, style, and length. with all the effort put into the costume she could have put some into getting the hair right

  2. I guess that's true... but it might be her natural hair?

  3. but still cuter than a lot of cosplayers who have right hair