30 November 2008

Vampire Knight: Yuki Cross 02

vampire knight cosplay - yuki cross 02 Yuki is the adopted daughter of Cross Academy’s headmaster, Kaien Cross. She is a first year student who acts as a Guardian to keep peace and harmony among the Day Class, consisting of mostly human students, and the Night Class, which are composed of vampires.

Despite her affection for Night Class Leader and President, Kuran Kaname, she has a fear of vampires due to her childhood experience of one of them trying to bite her. Kaname is an exception because he was the one who saved Yuki, but after she witnessed his vampire nature of feeding on one of Night Class students, she became distant to him, though her affections stubbornly remained.

Another beautiful photo by Tony Quan! This cosplayer makes a pretty cute Yuki, just like the other cosplayer I featured some time ago. Wonderful job! Thanks for sharing this!


  1. The girl is so cute!!!

  2. The cosplayer in this photo is akusesu. Here's her deviantart: http://akusesu.deviantart.com/