03 November 2008

Final Fantasy VII: Yuffie Kisaragi

unknown cosplay 016 And then there was 16.

I never thought I’d be posting so many different anonymous cosplays here in this blog. But I’m really curious to know who these cosplayers are and what series they’re cosplaying from.

Her headband reminds me of Naruto, but I don’t remember any ninjas like her. I could be wrong though, since I’m not all that familiar with Naruto.

Thoughts? Guesses? Please leave them at the comments section, thank you!

EDIT: Thanks to Anime Illusions' Snoozer for the reference pic showing this is Yuffie from Final Fantasy VII!


  1. i think thats a yuffie cosplay.


  2. Thanks! I think I got the confirmation I need now. I'll change this later. :)