12 November 2008

Kingdom Hearts: Kairi

kingdom hearts cosplay - kairiOne of the seven “Princesses of Heart”, Kairi is originally from Hollow Bastion who was sent to the Destiny Islands by Xehanort. Being that her heart is seperated from her body, Sora and Riku decided to find a way to help her by locating her heart.

This was sent in by a reader who was requesting for more American/Western cosplayers in my blog. Please do keep sending them in! I’d love to feature cosplayers from different parts of the world, but I guess a lot of my readers are Asian since that’s all I’m getting in my inbox. Great cosplay! And thanks for sending this in!

EDIT: Thanks to anon for letting me know this is Shiya from Deviant Art!


  1. this is AMAZING!!! you make a great kairi!!!

    call me haahhahaa

  2. Just wanted to say this cosplayer is http://shiya.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d10pamb

  3. Thank you, anon! I will credit her and let her know. ^_^