24 November 2008

Vampire Knight: Kuran Kaname and Kiryuu Zero

vampire knight cosplay - kuran kaname and kiryuu zero by on/off

Born into a well-known Vampire Hunter Family, Kiryuu Zero had a twist of fate, thanks to a pure blood vampire Hio Shizuka wiping out his entire family. It is because of her that he hates vampires, and the fact that he has become a Level E vampire himself makes it difficult for him to get over his hatred.

He has a dependent relationship with Kaname, another pure blood vampire who allowed Zero to drink his blood in order to suppress his thirst for blood.

Gorgeous cosplay by On/Off, the pair who performed Vampire Knight opening song, Futatsu no Kodou to Akai Tsumi (Two Heartbeats and the Red Sin). I wish Zero had silver hair, but he's got the attitude down. Great work!


  1. heh, I love on/off ^.^
    it's cute that they took a photo in cosplay

  2. Me too! I want more music from them. And cosplaying Vampire Knight characters really suit them~ <3

  3. ON/OFF band..(kasuya and naoya!!!)cooooollll

  4. LOL! THEY R SO HOTTT! Cosplaying as Kaname and Zero is good for them, and they did a damn good job with it too. ^w^