05 November 2008

Sailor Moon: Kino Makoto

sailor moon cosplay - kino makoto / sailor jupiter The most independent among the Sailor Senshi, Makoto is among the tallest girls in the group, an unusual trait to which she is often teased about. In the beginning of the series, she transfers to Azabu Juban Junior High, Usagi’s school, and she is allowed by the school administration to wear her previous school’s uniform since they couldn’t provide her with a uniform her size.

Despite being tomboyish and physically strong, Makoto is actually very gentle and loves to cook and do gardening. One of her signature looks is her rose earrings, which she retains even after transforming into Sailor Jupiter.

A cute and simple cosplay. I really like Makoto’s uniform as compared to the other characters. She does Makoto justice, good job!

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