22 July 2008

Chobits: Chi 04

chobits cosplay - chi / chii 03My third (or fourth?) Chi cosplayer, and this time, it’s Kipi!

Chi’s real name is actually “Elda” and she is among the Chobit series; a special type of persocom who can “fee” and “fall in love”. Her twin sister, Freya, fell in love with their creator (and father), resulting in her “death” (her heart became so painful that she could no longer move). Elda “took” Freya’s consciousness resulting in her having 2 different persocom personalities existing within her. Even though she had all her memories deleted, both personalities still remained; Freya who remembers everything and Elda who remembers nothing.

Kipi makes a cute Chi… And that cake looks really good. I want some cake too..! Thanks to Welfsh for sharing this on Flickr!

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  1. This is just too perfect for innocent Chi!!!