24 July 2008

Last Exile: Dio Eraclea

last exile cosplay - dio eraclea

Playful, fearless, and somewhat childish, Dio Eraclea is the younger brother of the most powerful Guild Member, Maestro Delphine Eraclea. His unique Claus Valca’s skills gives him the nickname “Immelmann”, which refers to the the World War I German Ace, Max Immelmann.

I’ve never even heard of this anime at all, but this is an awesome cosplay shot. Thanks to Olga Dietrich for the photo!


  1. I liked it was very good

  2. What happened to his fingers :O???

  3. The fingers on his gloves are black, and blend into the background. (it took me a moment to notice that)

  4. Immelmann is the name that Dio gives to Claus Valca, a pilot who impresses him during a playful battle, and with whom Dio becomes rather obsessed.