23 July 2008

Dogs: Luki and Noki

dogs cosplay - luki and nokiA cute cosplay from the series, Dogs’ Luki and Noki. They are twin assassins, around the age of 10, who have collars around their neck to heal their injuries almost instantly. Each of them have an arm missing, thanks to a “test”done by Professor Eintellson.

They are quite childish in the methods of killing, thinking that it’s like “playing tag” with their victims until they finally catch them.

Very cute cosplay. This was taken from Southern California’s Cosplay Gathering in Irvine California. Thanks to Project Cosplay for sharing the photo! You may view the Flickr Account here.

EDIT: Please welcome Itsuka, the cosplayer behind Luki! The photo would be of her and her sister, but apparently, they're not twins. Aw~


  1. Bread and ButterMarch 7, 2009 at 6:29 PM

    They're probably the creepiest killers I've ever come to know about in the world of manga. Who would go about playing "tag" with their victims anyhow?!

    That's an exceptional cosplay of Luki and Noki though.

  2. There are several, even creepier killers than them I think... Though I can't really think of any at the moment. :D