06 December 2007

Trinity Blood: Father Tres Iqus

trinity blood cosplay - father tres iqusThe mechanical soldier created by Vatican Scientist, Professor Gepetto Garibaldi, Father Tres Iqus is one of ten “Killing Dolls” to be used for an attempted rebellion. He was spared from destruction and recruited by Cardinal Caterina Sfroza for AX, the Minister of Holy Affairs’ Special Operations Group.

Father Tres is part mechanical and part organic, and he maintains his body by taking vitamins. You can tell straight off that he’s a cyborg, because he always answers questions with either “negative” or “positive”, though there are times when he shows some emotions and even a sense of humor.

Lovely cosplay! Especially the guns..! I’m not sure if Father Tres wears sunglasses though… Hm…


  1. There is at least one case in the manga he is seen wearing 'sun'glasses into battle I believe ^_^

  2. Oh, really? I never got into the manga because I know there's no ending... something about the author dying before the series could be finished properly? :(