14 December 2007

Yu Yu Hakusho: Youko Kurama and Hiei

yu yu hakusho cosplay - youko kurama and hiei Oh my… I didn’t think there’ll be more Yu Yu Hakusho cosplays that are being done recently… But according to this picture, it was uploaded December 10, 2007 on High King’s Flickr account.

The demon Youko is good, though I think wearing the wings made of petals and vines he used to fly around the Demon World may be a bit much… What I’m really impressed with is Hiei! The cosplayer’s got the look and attitude just right!

Of course, I was hunting for a Hiei cosplayer especially for Shadow Cat. I didn’t get the particular Hiei look that she requested, but I think she’ll be happy with this anyway…

Hope you like it, Shadow Cat!


  1. That Hiei is perfect!...Yoko is quite good but, somethings off about it

  2. Maybe... but it's still a rare cosplay sighting to see though. ^_^