10 December 2007

Naruto: Hatake Kakashi

naruto cosplay - hatake kakashi Naruto’s sensei or “teacher” Kakashi is a genius shinobi who has never revealed his face, nor his true personality. He no longer has any close family or relatives and is often times thought to be arrogant and emotionless… Which is quite the opposite, really.

He acquired his Sharigan eye from his dying friend, Uchiha Obito. The two had an arguement with regards as to whether they should prioritze their mission or rescuing Rin. Unfortunately, after the two had made up, Kakashi lost his left eye to protect Obita, and Obita perished saving Kakashi’s life when rocks nearly crushed him. It was during this time that Rin performed her duties as a medical ninja, and transferred Obita’s eye to replace Kakashi’s damaged one as a final gift.

I would just like to say… I wonder how much hair cement this cosplayer used to get the hair that way?


  1. omg! look at that hair! it could kill someone!! xD

  2. That Is Some Sick Hair! XD