20 November 2007

Yu Yu Hakusho: Kurama 03

yu yuhakusho cosplay - youko kurama aka shuichi minaminoI did not expect to see any recent cosplay pictures of Youko Kurama in conventions… But this cosplayer is from Taiwan and appeared in the Fancy Frontier 9 & Comic World in Taiwan 15 on February 24th, earlier this year…

Yes, the fangirl screams for Kurama never dies.

Interesting costume though. I’m not sure where this cosplayer got the idea from… Maybe from the manga, because I’ve never seen such a costume in the anime before… But I am most certain this is Kurama. Because I don’t think anyone else has a rose whip for a weapon in the anime universe…

Thanks to Swanky from Flickr for the photo! Check out other cosplay photos by Swanky in his Flickr account!

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  1. I love Kurama. I wish that more people knew of this amazing, but rather short, anime. The manga is very beautiful as well. Great costume.

  2. Well, it did read 100+ episodes, so I don't think that's considered "short" nowadays? xD But yeah, I love Kurama a lot too~