23 November 2007

Naruto: Momochi Zabuza and Haku

naruto cosplay - momochi zabuza and haku

Is there a more tragic story than that of Zabuza and Haku from Naruto?

Though I actually feel more sorry for Haku… I can’t understand how parents can actually hate their own child. But I suppose it was more of fear than hatred…

And after that trauma you only find purpose in becoming someone’s tool?


But anyway… This is a really impressive cosplay of Momochi Zabuza and Haku! From the image, it says that the cosplayer’s real names are Ran Shao (Zabuza) and Piyaya (Haku). And this image was apparently taken in Zhong Shan Park in Shanghai back in July 9, 2004.

Pretty impressive, hm?

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