20 November 2007

Bleach: Inoue Orihime 02

bleach cosplay - inoue orihime 02I’ve recently shown a nice cosplay of Inoue in her Shinigami disguise… Now how about a school uniform version?

She has the most striking blue eyes I’ve ever seen… Although her eyes are supposedly brown in the manga and grey in the anime series… Hm…

I forgot to mention before that Inoue is actually an orphan in the Bleach series. She apparently ran away from her abusive home along with her older brother, Sora. Orihime was bullied when she was a child because of her hair, so Sora decided to give her hairpins. Orihime refused to wear them, thinking they were childish. Unfortunately, on that same day, Sora was killed by a car accident, and Orihime wore the hairpins ever since.

Anyway… Isn’t she cute? Fair white skin!

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  1. orihime cosplay !!
    looks awensome
    really sexy