02 November 2007

Full Metal Alchemist: Alex Louis Armstrong

full metal alchemist cosplay - alex louis armstrong I am actually very impressed with the accuracy of this cosplay… It’s so accurate that it’s scary really…

Alex Louis Armstrong, the strong arm alchemist who is only fully clothed about 3 minutes at a time because he loves showing off his “beautiful body”. Don’t let his looks fool you though… He is quite a gentle man who was nearly prevented from being promoted due to his sentimentalism.

Not something you would expect to see from a grown man right? I suppose that’s the role of a comic relief for you…

Wonderful, impressive cosplay! Makes most people’s jaw drop at the similarities, I’m sure…

Originally from Photobucket.

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  1. thats looks copy of him!!i love that!!!!

  2. Hahahaha! Omg! XD
    So spot on its scary! But also so good X3

  3. ...

    Oh my God. That's freaking perfect.

  4. Isn't he just? x3 I have yet to find a cosplayer that will top this Armstrong. :D