21 March 2014

K: Yatogami Kuro

k cosplay - yatogami kuro by nadleeh

A highly skilled swordsman known as the Black Hound, Yatogami Kuro is on a mission to hunt down the next “Colorless King” on behalf of his late King and father, Miwa Ichigen. Although he appears to be cold and ruthless, he gave Yashiro a chance to prove his innocence with regards to the murder of Totsuka. He began to monitor Yashiro closely, pretending to be a transfer student at Yashiro’s school.

This really does look like Kuro! I really love Nadleeh’s wig for this cosplay! It looks so smooth and shiny! Thanks to Eri for sending this in!

Source: Nadleeh on World Cosplay

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