27 March 2014

Japanese Cosplayer Loses Over 100 pounds for Cosplay

When 19-year-old Motoyoshi Kanna first cosplayed her favorite character, Tieria Erde, a lot of people mocked her because of her weight. She was over 200 pounds at the time.

motoyoshi kanna before and after

Now, she weights a petit 99 pounds and cosplays without worry of getting bullied.

motoyoshi kana as lacus clyne

I commend her for her wonderful achievement, because losing weight is no easy task! However, Kotaku writer, Brian Ashcraft, also made a valid point:

Look, people should be able to do what they want. If someone wants to cosplay as a certain character, and their body (or skin color or gender or whatever!) isn't an exact match, who cares. They shouldn't be made to feel bad about that.

And if somebody wants to lose a lot of weight (though, this certainly seems extreme), that's their decision. However, they shouldn't feel compelled to do so to meet preconceived notions that other people have or unrealistic artistic renditions. They should do it for themselves.

I have to say though, I can relate to this very much. I also want to cosplay, but I’m very scared of what people will say since I’m not really skinny. Maybe one day I will be courage enough to cosplay too, once I lose another 30 pounds?

Source: Kotaku

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