28 March 2014

Sailor Moon: Aino Minako

sailor moon cosplay - aino minako by lucien-fleurier

Athletic, cheerful, and resilient, Aino Minako takes her role as the “Soldier of Love” seriously, and enjoys regaling her friends with advice about romance. Although she can be irrational and overambitious at times, she can also be refined and elegant when there is a need to do so. At one point in the manga, she told the other Sailor Senshi that she was the princess they were looking for, acting as a decoy to protect the real princess, Tsukino Usagi.

Lucien Fleurier makes a wonderful Minako! And her cat, Richard, also plays well as Artemis! I think the orange nail polish was a nice touch, wouldn’t you agree? Thanks to Serah for sending this in!

Source: lucien-fleurier on Deviant Art

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