15 September 2013

Vocaloid 2: Kagamine Len 15

vocaloid 2 cosplay kagamine lenこの地球に生まれてきて 数万年の歴史の中に
Ever since the dawn of mankind
What have they learned in the long history of the world?

時代の陰、陽共に 流れてきた膨大な時間の中に
Along with yin and yang, what terrified humankind?
What have they destroyed on the earth so far?

クーデター、テロ レジストーション レボリューション
Coups, terrorism, resistances and revolutions
The turbulent world full of complaints is not what they want
Why has nobody realized it yet?
Time to make a new world

“The New Millennium”
Lyrics and Translation by Vocalochu

A very cute Kagamine Len! And I have to agree with Dumpling, I don’t know if the cosplayer is a boy or a girl either. Thanks a lot for sharing this! And congratulations to Vocaloid 2 category for reaching more than 100 features in Cosplay Holic!

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