04 September 2013

Vocaloid 2: Hatsune Miku 47

vocaloid 2 cosplay hatsune miku

Now, as I head toward tomorrow with you,
Toward a tomorrow where we hold hands,
I’m hugged from behind,
As I hear countless voices

同時に泣き出す 君と僕
And then we burst into tears, you and me,
But showed each other warm smiles
So I say bye-bye,
To the old me, the “once upon a me”

“Once Upon a Me”
Lyrics by Vocalochu | Translation by vgboy

Another cute version of Hatsune Miku! According to 現実。, this is from Project Diva 2nd Infinity Module. I’ve yet to play that game so I’ll take their work for it! Thanks to Nica for sending this in!

Source: 現実。

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