22 September 2013

Kimi ni Todoke: Kurumizawa Ume and Miura Kento

kimi ni todoke cosplay kurumizawa ume and miura kentoBeautiful and popular, Kurumizawa Ume had the biggest crush on Kazehaya Shota and had stooped to petty tricks in order to win his heart. Although she appears to be extremely sweet and kind, she is only able to show her true self to Kuronuma Sawako. After getting an expected rejection from Shota, she began to accept Sawako as her rival, and no longer used unfair tactics as she had learned better. She once became angry at Miura Kento for saying unnecessary things to Sawako that caused a rift upon the developing relationship between Sawako and Shota.

Kento actually means well, but sometimes, I wish I could just slap the the guy. Kurumi, on the other hand, is one of those girls that I really can’t forgive and forget. Both are very unforgettable characters though, and I kinda wished Kento was in the movie too. Thanks to Jazz for sending this in!

Source: E-shuushuu

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