13 November 2012

D. Gray-man: Lavi 05

d. gray-man cosplay - lavi 5
Source: Crunchyroll

Lavi’s anti-akuma weapon, simply known as Tettsui, literally means the “Iron Hammer”. Its full name is the Ozuchi Kozuchi, “Big Hammer, Little Hammer”, appropriately named as it is capable of growing and extending to undefined sizes and lengths. Although this affects its weight, this does not affect Lavi himself, allowing him to use Tettsui even if it’s in its full size with seemingly effortless ease. The weapon also allows him to use “seals” that control several elements of nature.

The cosplayer looks rather handsome, but I do my best not to say that just in case the cosplayer’s actually a girl. Thanks again to Daniela for sending this in!

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