06 November 2012

The Prince of Tennis: Echizen Ryoma 02

the prince of tennis cosplay - echizen ryoma 2
Source: Get News

A twelve-year-old tennis prodigy who won four consecutive Junior Tennis Tournaments in America, Echizen Ryoma is the son of Echizen Nanjiro, a former tennis pro nicknamed “Samurai Nanjiro”. At his father’s request, Ryoma returned to Japan in order to attend Seishun Academy, also known as “Seigaku”, which is a private middle school famous for its tennis team. His arrogance often leads him to constant arguments with both his opponents and upperclassmen, but he is usually able to back up his statements with his tennis skills. Throughout the story, Ryoma continues to find and develop his own playing style and techniques instead of merely being a copy of his father.

This cosplayer’s just adorable! And am I seeing things or is that Shinomori Aoshi from Rurouni Kenshin on the left? Thanks again to Lira for sending this in!

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