26 November 2012

Claymore: Clare 02

claymore cosplay - clare by molly metaphora
Source: Molly Metaphora on Deviant Art
Clare’s awakened limbs were first seen in the Northern Campaign, during the battle of Rigardo, which allowed her to move at lightning speed. Jean managed to bring Clare back to normal, however, at the unfortunate cost of her own life. Clare’s second attempt to awaken also failed when she battled against Priscilla because of Jean’s psychological “block”.

This is simply amazing! I’ve been seeing this all over the internet lately, and I’m glad I finally found the cosplayer! Her name is Molly Metaphora on Deviant Art, so please do check out her gallery for more of her amazing cosplays! Thanks to Lilibeth for suggesting this!


  1. I've seen this somewhere and she said on an interview that she had to walk sideways through the con. This is effort and hardwork, also devotion. Cheers for Molly!

  2. I also love the fact that her Dad helped her out with this costume. Now that's what I call pro-active parenting! (or maybe "fellow geekery" is more appropriate?) *(*´∀`*)☆