05 July 2012

Martian Successor Nadesico: The Prince of Darkness: Hoshino Ruri

martian successor nadesico: the prince of darkness cosplay - hoshino ruri

Hoshino Ruri became the captain of the Nadesico-B (and later, Nadesico-C) and has matured a great deal just three years after the series. She is idolized by much of the navy, and Captain Arragi, who was in charge of the escort for the Nadesico crew shuttle when it heads for the moon said that it was his privilege to escort the denshi no yousei (the electronic spirit/fairy). He goes so fas as recording his conversation with Ruri and announcing his intention to share it with the crew.

This is quite an old series, so I wonder if any of my readers will appreciate this cosplay. I hope this won’t be the last though, because I happen to like this character. Thanks to Vincent for sending this in!

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