27 July 2012

Final Fantasy VIII: Squall Leonhart 02

final fantasy viii cosplay - squal leonhart 2

Squall has a very distinct rivalry with Seifer Almasy. From early on, a duel between two gave Squall his characteristic facial scar and subsequently a mirrored one to Seifer. Incidentally, whenever Squall and Seifer are supposed to be cooperating on a mission, there are always squabbles between the two cadets.

Seifer later allied himself with the Sorceress, requiring Squall to battle him several times. Despite all their conflict, however, Squall still feels an underlying camaraderie for Seifer.

That’s a rather handsome looking Squall, I must say. Sadly, I believer the cosplayer may be a girl. In any case thanks to Jay for sending this in!

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