03 July 2012

Angel Beats!: Yui and Hinata Hideki

angel beats! cosplay - yui and hinata hideki by kousaka yun

Although Hinata Hideki initially found Yui to be very annoying, they actually care deeply about one another. Yui often pesters him about anything she can think of and Hinata would usually ignore or shout back at her. Hinata later finds out that one of Yui’s regrets in her life was that she wasn’t able to get married, and Hinata helped her pass on by promising to marry her even if she was still paralyzed when they are reincarnated.

I find this photo to be so cute, especially knowing the relationship these two had, it’s just perfect. I really do hope they find each other again in their second lives. I only wish I knew who Kousaka Yun was cosplaying with. Thanks again to Lily for sending this in!

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