24 November 2010

Durarara!!: Orihara Mairu and Orihara Kururi

durarara!! cosplay - orihara mairu and orihara kururi

Twin sisters of Orihara Izaya, Mairu and Kururi are complete opposites of one another. Mairu, the younger twin, is an outgoing, trouble-maker like her brother, while Kururi is shy and soft spoken. Kururi is often bullied because of her sister’s reputation, but both sisters have their ways in responding to threats effectively. The twins are fans of Izaya’s friend, Heiwajima Kasuka.

So cute! And could they be twins or sisters in real life, I wonder? Thanks so much to Lauren for sending this!


  1. The girl on the left immediately made me think of Jin (BehindInfinity). Jin did a cosplay recently-ish of a NGE character (Mari I believe), and had used a pair of glasses and pose similar to this girls cosplay.

  2. Izaya isn't friends with Kazuka. ^^;; The twins are fans of Shizuo's brother Kasuka, as well as Shizuo.

    In the light novels, one of the twins glomps Shizuo, and he says, "I thought you were after Kasuka." And she replies, "Well yeah, but I love Shizuo-san too!"