06 November 2010

Fresh Pretty Cure!: Eas

unknown cosplay 78 from comiket 2010 - fresh pretty cure! cosplay - easFor the second entry of the day and to further add to my depression, I have another girl who looks like she could be a character from a fighting game or fantasy manga. This is a double post for contributor, Ingrid, since she’s sent me so much material lately that I can’t keep up!

I’m only sorry I could help you identify her, Ingrid, but I hope my readers will be able to! Thanks in advance, everyone!

EDIT: Thanks to Yulius for letting me know this is Eas from Fresh Pretty Cure and to Syaza for confirming it!


  1. im sure its a vocaloid character..but thats all i can tell you by far.

  2. i know her :) it's eas from fresh pretty cure !


  3. No wonder the outfit looked familiar :)
    Oh, and there's a description of Eas at this link. Just scroll down until you come across Eas' part. She sounds like an interesting character and after reading it I think I might just try watching Pretty Cure Fresh: http://prettycure.wikia.com/wiki/Higashi_Setsuna

  4. Thanks guys! Properly edited and tagged now. ^_^