09 November 2010

Togainu no Chi: Shiki and Akira

togainu no chi cosplay - shiki and akiraWhen Akira was falsely accused of a crime, a mysterious woman offers him his freedom in exchange for participating in the deadly game known as Igra. Akira must defeat Igra’s strongest man, the king or Il-re if he wishes to remain a free man.

Shiki is the Il-re who has never been defeated. However, even though he kills Igra participants frequently, he neither caries nor collects tags which serves as ones proof as a participant. He formed Igra in order to kill Nano and quell his memories of the first time they met.

…well, I think that’s Akira with Shiki? Iyma never mentioned who they are cosplaying as, but this is my best guess. Thanks again, for sending this, Iyma!

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